MAB Cake Package

1 Regular (8 inch) cake decorated (chocolate or vanilla)
12 unfilled cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla or half and half
Upgrades to the MAB Cake Package
(prices are additional to the base price)
Filled Cake $5                   
Double Layer Cake $10
Mini Tier Cake (Icing) $10
Mini Tier Cake (Fondant) $15
2 Tier Cake (Icing) $25
2 Tier Cake (Fondant) $35
3 Tier Cake (Icing) $40
3 Tier Cake (Fondant) $55
Filling to Cupcakes $10
Fondant Cupcake Toppers $10 (for the dozen)
(Must purchase the MAB Cake Package for these prices)

12 Unfilled Cupcakes $10
12 Filled Cupcakes $20
24 Mini Cupcakes $15
6 Jumbo Cupcakes $25
12 Bars $25
12 MAB Cups $20
12 MAB Shots $10
12 Cookies $5
24 Candies $5
Mini Cake (6 inch) $10

Flavored Cakes

We can take any of our flavors and turn them into a cake!

Single Layer filled Cake $20
Double Layer Cake $25

To see flavored cakes we have made click here

We require a 50% deposit on all pre-orders.  The deposit is non-refundable. 

We would like a weeks notice to have the appropriate time to have it ready, but will work with you if you need it in less time

Our Facility is not allergy free.  Nuts, Wheat, Dairy and any all allergens are processed in the whole facility.