We are located at 752 Maple Valley Drive (in the Maple Valley Shopping Center)
Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm

Phone: 573-915-9888  
email: [email protected]  




1 Cupcake (or 1 CUP or 1 Bar)
2 Shots
4 Candies
2 Cookies

(perfect for birthdays, thank you gifts
and just a great assortment for a day when you need a treat!)

MAB Decorated Treat Box   $3
1 Decorated Rice Krispie Treat
1 Decorated Shot
1 Decorated sugar Cookie
*add 1 decorated cupcake for $2
Dessert Dips

Cup with Graham cracker $2.50
Bowl with Graham Crackers $15
Our Dessert Dips are available everyday in a cup.
we offer several flavors:  Unicorn (shown), Turtle, Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter
and more (just ask!)
Our cheesecake by the slice is available every day!!

$2.50 each
(we will also offer these as a whole cheesecake for $15 each)
Flavor shown are:


(or pie by the slice is available everyday)

$2.50 each slice or $12 for a whole pie

Flavor shown is PB